Thursday, February 27, 2014


Ten years ago, today...

It's hard to remember how I felt when I woke up that morning. The memories are too entangled with my current feelings. I can say with certainty what I did not feel: nervous. That's what I remember most. I woke up smiling.

We had never met the man who would say the words. We sat, waiting on a lovely bench in a lovely hallway, all by ourselves. We held hands. We whispered. We laughed.

The man soon approached and greeted us warmly. I picture him with a cane, but that might just be how I want to remember him. We are sure that his ice-blue eyes had the tiniest pupils we had ever seen, a detail we discuss to this day. Another, is how magnificently theatrical he was when he spoke. He told us that we were 'not just getting married, but building an empire' (spoken in a voice that would make Sean Connery blush). He may have even raised his hand in a palm-up claw. It was perfect. He said other nice things too. I made sure to cry.

The rest of the day, we glowed. We celebrated. People photographed us. Our friends and family were all around us, wishing us well, eating with us, laughing with us, hugging us, saying nice things. And we were together. Nothing but love and laughter.

My heart, my solace, my best friend. Thank you for a decade of love and laughter.

Though the seasons change us,
my heart never will.